Enforcement and Immigrant Rights
A webinar describing rights that everyone has in the United States, regardless of their immigration status, and recommending resources for immigrants, advocates, and community members.
Removal Proceedings: Basic Terms and Procedural Overview
This webinar will help attorneys and other professionals who are new to immigration law understand removal proceedings.
Immigration Detention in the U.S.: An Overview
This webinar provides an overview of the who, what, where, when, and how of immigration detention in the United States.
immi+Family: Make a Plan
A webinar demonstrating a tool to help immigrants prepare for emergencies like detention and deportation.
How Volunteers Can Organize Know Your Rights Presentations
A webinar discussing how volunteers can work with nonprofit organizations to host "know your rights" presentations for immigrants in their communities.
How to Launch and Sustain a Volunteer Legal Immigrant Assistance Project
This webinar discusses how volunteers can replicate a successful program providing legal services to underserved immigrant communities.
Importance & Role of Volunteer Interpreters
Take the pledge to help protect the rights of immigrants and ensure fair treatment and due process for all.