Volunteer Opportunities for Paralegals or DOJ Accredited Representatives

Getting Started:

1_icon.jpgDecide Which Type of Case is Right for You

There are many different types of immigration cases that you can volunteer for. Each nonprofit legal service provider decides which cases they take, and of those cases, which need support from paralegals and DOJ accredited representatives. Some organizations serve specific populations, such as LGBT individuals, women, or children. When you contact a nonprofit legal provider you can ask them about the types of opportunities they offer.


2_icon.jpgFind An Opportunity

Many nonprofit immigration legal service providers offer volunteer opportunities for paralegals and DOJ accredited representatives. To find a program in your area, enter your zip code or choose your state on our volunteer opportunities guideYou can also check out our list of ongoing projects nationwide that are currently recruiting volunteers, or look at our volunteers needed calendar for special events and short-term opportunities near you. 


3_icon.jpgLearn About the Law

Nonprofit legal providers provide varying levels of support to their volunteers, from little or no guidance to in-depth training and mentoring. If you are just getting started in immigration, check out our paralegal and DOJ accredited representatives resources page. To find free or low-cost training online or in-person, view our searchable training calendar.  



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As a Paralegal or DOJ Accredited Representative
Volunteer Opportunities for Paralegals or DOJ Accredited Representatives
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