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Educators have a unique opportunity to provide support to immigrant students, their families, and the community at large. Teachers can facilitate a safe space for their students in the classroom, and can offer tutoring and additional assistance to students who are not English proficient. School administrators and guidance counselors can provide emotional support for immigrant students by creating a compassionate and understanding environment, and by helping undocumented students plan for their future. Outside of the classroom, educators can volunteer to teach citizenship and English classes, in preparation for the naturalization tests. There are also several opportunities for educators to contribute to their community as a whole by leading workshops on vocational skills, offering GED classes, serving as a child care volunteer for young children while their parents attend classes, and connecting immigrants with resources about their rights and legal options.    


2_icon.jpgLearn About Immigration and Education

Immigrant students, especially those whose primary language is not English, may struggle in a school setting. Educators can act as a confidant for immigrant students and they can assist students with integrating into a new environment. Educators should understand how a student’s immigration status can impact their school life. It is also important for educators to be familiar with the rights and privacy considerations for immigrant students. Explore resources on immigration and education here.   


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Many nonprofit immigration legal service providers offer volunteer opportunities for educators. To find a program in your area, enter your zip code or choose your state on our national volunteer opportunities guide. You can also check out our lists of ongoing local and national projects that are currently recruiting volunteers, or look at our volunteers needed calendar for special events and short-term opportunities near you. 



4_icon.jpgLearn About the U.S. Immigration System

U.S. immigration law is complex, and there is a lot of confusion about how it works. Immigration laws have many goals, including keeping families together, bringing skilled workers to the U.S., and protecting people from danger. Some laws allow people to stay for a limited time. Other laws allow people to qualify for permanent legal status. Learn more about immigration law and how the U.S. immigration system works.



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volunteer opportunities for educators
volunteer opportunities for educators
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