The "T visa" protects immigrants who are trafficking victims by making it safer for them to report the crime. A trafficking victim is someone who was tricked or forced to work like a slave or as a sex worker. Qualified applicants can get a work permit and stay in the U.S. for 4 years (after 3 years, they can apply for permanent residency). 



T Visa Eligibility and Filing Process
By: United States Citizenship and Immigration Services
An overview of T visa eligibility requirements and filing process. 

T Visas: What They Are and How They Can Help Your Clients
By: Immigrant Legal Resource Center
An overview of an immigration protection for victims of human trafficking.

T Visa Clearinghouse
An online clearinghouse that includes statutes, legislation, memos, articles and practice advisories on T visas. 

Human Trafficking Legal Resource Center
By: ABA & Polaris Project
Resources and information for legal advocates working with survivors of human trafficking.




T Visa
T Visa
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