General Resources

Immigration 101
Resources on immigration law and the U.S. immigration system.
Podcast conversations on a variety of immigration issues and volunteer opportunities.
Teaching English as a Second Language and Civics
Information about volunteering to teach ESL/ESOL and civics classes.
Information about immigration detention and volunteering with a detention visitation program.
Naturalization Workshops
Information about volunteering at naturalization workshops.
Enforcement & Immigrant Rights
Resources about sharing information on immigrant legal rights, and related volunteer opportunities.
Court Monitoring
Information about volunteering as a court monitor.
Working with Survivors of Trauma
Resources and information for volunteers on working with survivors of domestic violence, human trafficking, and other traumatic events.
Recorded webinars discussing a variety of immigration issues and volunteer opportunities.
General Resources
General Resources
Take the pledge to help protect the rights of immigrants and ensure fair treatment and due process for all.