Migrant Caravan


In April 2018, the US Administration began to speak out against the “migrant caravans” on their way to the United States from Central American countries. In October 2018, another migrant caravan began walking, to seek protection at the US-Mexico border. These resources will help you understand the issues and how you can help.  We will update this page when there are new developments.


Understanding the Basics of Asylum

It is Legal to Seek Asylum
By: Immigration Impact, American Immigration Council
A short article explaining that it is legal to seek asylum according to U.S. national law and international law.

Asylum in the United States
By: American Immigration Council
A detailed fact sheet on asylum law and practice, for those ready to study this topic a little more in depth.

Crossing the Line: U.S. Border Agents Illegally Reject Asylum Seekers
By: Human Rights First
A longer report on how the United States has been violating our own asylum laws.


Information About the Migrant Caravan

9 Questions (and Answers) About the Central American Migrant Caravan
This resource explains why Central Americans are traveling as a caravan to the United States and provides recommendations for the United States.

Why Central Americans Will Keep on Heading to the United States
By: Foreign Affairs
This is a short analysis on the historical and present causes for Central American migration to the United States and what effective actions the United States could take to address the issue.

On the Desperate and Uncertain Trail of the Migrant Caravan
By: The New Yorker
This article is an on-the-ground report from the migrant caravan.

How the United States Should Address Refugee Protection at its Border
By: Human Rights First
This is a fact sheet on how the United States can protect refugees while protecting American interests.


Discussing the Migrant Caravan

Talking and Teaching about the October Migrant Caravan
By: Reimagining Migration, UCLA
This is a toolkit which helps educators teach about the migrant caravan.

Five Questions to ask when Crafting Messages about Refugees in the Current Climate
By: The Opportunity Agenda
This article provides guidance on how to talk about refugees with a positive, long-term narrative in mind.

How to talk about the migrant caravan
By: American Friends Service Committee
This resource shares effective language and strategies to discuss the migrant caravan.


What can you do to help

The Sanctuary Caravan
The New Sanctuary Coalition is forming a group to accompany the migrant caravan to the US border and witness their movement. They have several volunteer opportunities available, for those who want to travel to the border and for those who want to work remotely.

Public Comments
You can speak out now against proposed regulations under the recent Executive Order, forcing asylum seekers to ask for asylum only at specific ports. The deadline for public comments is January 8, 2019.

National Lawyers Guild and Al Otro Lado Mobilization
The NLG and AOL are calling on attorneys, law students, and other legal workers to travel to the border and volunteer to Legal Observe (LO) refugee arrivals, lead know your rights trainings, and staff legal clinics. Volunteers must already be trained NLG Legal Observers, have some proficiency in Spanish, and above all, practice cultural sensitivity and remain aware of their privileged status as a guest in a space in which families are fighting for their lives.

Migrant Caravan
Migrant Caravan
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