Introduction to Removal Defense

San Francisco, CA
October 27, 2017 at 12pm


Are you new to immigration practice and want to be court-ready? Have you been representing people for years on affirmative cases, but afraid to appear in front of the immigration judge? Do you want a refresher on issues related to removal defense? This seminar offers an overview of removal proceedings, and will provide you with the skills to walk into court and plead on behalf of your client. In this seminar, we will focus on procedural basics and essential analytical skills needed to zealously advocate for your client in court. In the morning, we will provide an overview of removal proceedings and the immigration court; how to respond to a Notice to Appear (NTA), including challenging charges of removal. In the afternoon, we will take on more advance topics including representing your client in bond hearings, as well as an introduction to analyzing convictions in immigration cases. We will finish the day with a panel of practitioners to answer your questions on local practice.


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Introduction to Removal Defense
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