IMUMI Mexico Volunteer Program


The Institute for Women in Migration, (IMUMI) promotes the rights of migrant women in Mexico, whether they are in communities of origin, are in transit through of the Mexican territory, or they reside in Mexico or in the United States.

IMUMI welcomes immigration attorneys, law students with supervisors, paralegals, and BIA accredited representatives with Spanish fluency to come volunteer in Mexico City and surrounding regions. Volunteers can work with two types of organizations: migrant shelters and deportee community centers.  In migrant shelters, volunteers offer legal orientation to people in transit through Mexico. This includes an overview of asylum and withholding in the US and current US immigration policies, as well as one-on-one legal orientation. Working with the deported/returned community, volunteers offer legal workshops and legal orientation.

Time and Place:

We currently organize workshops for returned and deported people in collaboration with Otros Dreams en Acción. We organize volunteer visits for the first and third weeks of each month. We ask that volunteers stay for a minimum of four days to ensure at least three visits. Here is a link to our website and a link to our volunteer program page

Special Skills Needed:

  • Attorneys, law students and paralegals with experience in asylum work
  • Spanish speakers are preferred; interpreters needed for volunteers who do not speak spanish


 Institute for Women in Migration

More information:

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IMUMI Mexico Volunteer Program
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