Immigration and Health Care


Many immigrant patients confide in their health care providers about their fears, questions, and concerns, and health care providers should understand how immigration status can impact their patients’ rights and options. Health care providers should also be aware of the privacy protections and other rights relevant to health care institutions and the patients and providers within them.


Encouraging Undocumented Immigrants to Seek Health Care
By: Department of Nursing, University of Southern California
This blog post provides guidelines and tips on how medical professionals can work with undocumented patients so they can receive the best health care. 

Health Care Toolkit
By: National Immigration Law Center (NILC)
This toolkit provides information on a wide range of immigration topics relevant to health care providers, including providers’ rights, patients’ rights, and HIPAA and the Fourth Amendment. Note: this resource is free, but you must register and be approved by NILC to be able to access this website.

FAQ: Services to Immigrant Patients
By: CaliforniaHealth+ Advocates
This FAQ addresses ten key questions you may have as a health care provider or administrator, including patient privacy and creating public and private spaces within a clinic.

Sample Immigration & Health Care Policies and Procedures
By: CaliforniaHealth+ Advocates
This document provides six sample policies and procedures on topics ranging from Protected Health Information (PHI) to an Internal Protocol for interacting with immigration officials.

Latino Health Resources Guide
By: Medicare Advantage
This guide provides state and national resources for many of the biggest health care risks faced by the Latino community. It has bilingual resources aimed at, but not limited to, helping Latinos at both a state and national level.


Immigration and Health Care
Immigration and Health Care
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