Enforcement & Immigrant Rights


Everyone in the United States has certain rights, regardless of their immigration status. Understanding those rights is important for us all, so we can protect ourselves and our communities. Allies and advocates can help by sharing "know your rights" information and reliable resources.


Know Your Rights Resources

Enforcement and Immigrant Rights Webinar
By: Immigration Advocates Network
A webinar describing rights that everyone has in the United States, regardless of their immigration status, and recommending resources for immigrants, advocates, and community members.

Official CHIRLA Know Your Rights Video
A video demonstrating the rights of immigrants in various enforcement scenarios.

Know Your Rights When Asked About Immigration Status
A video detailing immigrants' rights if stopped and questioned by law enforcement.

How to Get Good Legal Help
By: immi.org
An article providing information on how immigrants can find legal help, and avoid fraud. 


Volunteer Resources

How Volunteers Can Organize Know Your Rights Presentations
By: Stand With Immigrants
A webinar discussing how volunteers can work with nonprofit organizations to host "know your rights" presentations for immigrants in their communities. (A version of this webinar presentation in PDF format, including links to further resources can be found here.)  



Enforcement & Immigrant Rights
Enforcement & Immigrant Rights
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