The U.S. detains around 400,000 immigrants per year, and immigration detention is increasing. Detention visitation programs provide an opportunity for volunteers to offer companionship and support to immigrants being held in U.S. detention facilities. Visitation programs help to reduce isolation for detained immigrants, as well as provide citizen oversight of facilities, where many immigrants have experienced abuse and violations of their rights. 


Detention Resources


Immigration Detention in the U.S.: An Overview
By: The Immigration Justice Campaign of the American Immigration Council and the American Immigration Lawyers Association
This webinar provides an overview of the who, what, where, when, and how of immigration detention in the United States. (A version of this webinar presentation in PDF format, including links to further resources can be found here.)  

Immigration Detention 101
By: Detention Watch Network
An overview of immigration detention in the United States, including its history and detention by the numbers.

Immigration Detention Map and Statistics
An interactive map of detention facilities and statistics on immigration detention in the United States.


Volunteer Resources


Overview of Detention Visitation
An overview of the benefits of visitation, types of visitation programs, and more. 

Find a Visitation Program
An interactive map of visitation programs, including location, descriptions and contact information.

Introductory Guide: Immigration Detention Visitation
By: Detention Watch Network 
An introductory guide to detention visitation, including connecting with programs and what to expect. 

A Guide to Touring U.S. Immigration Detention Facilities & Building Alliances
A comprehensive guide on how to tour a U.S. immigration detention facility and how to start a visitation program. 

Visitation Ministry Resources
By: Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service
Resources and toolkits on launching and participating in faith-based visitation ministries. 

Detention Visitation
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