Human Rights Defender Project: Court Observation


Many people, regardless of age or capability, have to represent themselves in immigration court. Although immigration court hearings are open to the public, few people witness these proceedings. The Human Rights Defender Project Court Observers help bring transparency and accountability to this system. By participating in this project, Court Observers attend hearings and report on issues of concern including access to counsel, family and community support, and interpretation; the manner of arrest; and the ability of individuals to raise defenses to deportation.

Time and Place:

This is an ongoing project in which volunteers sign up to observe scheduled shifts in immigration court in Minneapolis, MN. No long-term commitment is required. 

Special Skills Needed:

  • Must have valid government-issued photo ID to enter the immigration court
  • No immigration experience or law license is needed


The Advocates for Human Rights

More information:

For more information, or to sign up, please click here

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Human Rights Defender Project: Court Observation
Human Rights Defender Project: Court Observation
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