Court Monitoring



Many people detained by ICE have to represent themselves in immigration court hearings. Although these hearings are open to the public, few people witness them. Court Monitoring programs can help bring transparency and accountability to the immigration court system. The presence of volunteers in the courtroom can also provide support to detained immigrants and their families.


Immigration Court Resources


Going to a Removal Hearing in Immigration Court
By: Illinois Legal Aid
This video will help you understand the immigration process and what happens in immigration court.

The Immigration Court System
By: Kids in Need of Defense (KIND)
This document gives an overview of the U.S. immigration court system.


Volunteer Resources


Engaging Volunteers as Immigration Court Monitors
By: The Advocates for Human Rights
A podcast discussing The Advocates’ court monitoring program and ways for others to get involved.

Observing Immigration Court Hearings
By: The Executive Office for Immigration Review
This fact sheet details the government policies on public immigration hearings, and offers a listing of all immigration courthouses nationwide.


Court Monitoring
Court Monitoring
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