Building a Strong Volunteer Program

Establishing a strong volunteer program benefits both organizations and volunteers.

Volunteers feel supported and help organizations build capacity. Your organization might have different types of volunteer projects – large ongoing projects and one on one opportunities. #StandWithImmigrants came up with a general list of things to keep in mind when working with your volunteer!

Training and Onboarding

  • Create a volunteer training manual
    • Can help streamline onboarding process
    • Provide clear guidelines for the position, such as time commitment and regular tasks
    • Document to refer to during their time at work
  • Make sure they have access to legal trainings and resources! We suggest your volunteer use #StandWithImmigrants
  • Establish guidelines for working with clients, focusing on privacy and respect, and share best practices

Support materials:

"Best Practices for Volunteer Management," Catholic Legal Immigration Network Inc.

This one page guide outlines the process of recruiting, onboarding, and retaining a volunteer.

Setting Expectations:

  • Discuss with your volunteer what they hope to gain and what your organization hopes to gain
  • Create and sign a volunteer agreement, to hold both the supervisor and volunteer accountable

Day to day work with the volunteer

  • Schedule for the work and check-ins
  • Guidelines on how work is finalized/reviewed/approved

Additional Resources

Great Volunteer Management System by New York Cares and NYC Service

Building a Strong Volunteer Program
Building a Strong Volunteer Program
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