Advocacy Opportunities

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Stand with immigrants by engaging in local, state and national advocacy. Check out the current opportunities below. 

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Protect Immigrant Children In Detention
Demand that the US government hold Customs and Border Protection accountable for abuse against children.
Demand Congress pass the Dream Act NOW
It's up to us to hold congress accountable and demand they stop breaking their promises.
Tell congress to defund hate
Join us in cutting off the flow of money that allows DHS to deport and detain our community members.
Tell the Secretary of Homeland Security to stop creating a climate of fear
Stand with us and stand up to ICE’s increased levels of enforcement against immigration activists.
Fight for Due Process: Allow Detained Immigrants Access to Lawyers
Access to legal counsel is important, but the vast majority of people in immigration jail don’t have it.
Report Hate Crimes
Communities Against Hate is a diverse coalition coming together to document hate and demand action.
Demand Congress Act to Repeal the Muslim Ban
Put pressure on Congress to end the ban on people from five Muslim-majority countries.
Support "No More Deaths" Volunteers
Stand against the criminal prosecutions of volunteer aid workers along the southwest American border.
Prepare Your Community for Immigration Enforcement
Tell DHS to extend Temporary Protected Status for Syrians before the Aug. 1 deadline!
Advocacy Opportunities
Advocacy Opportunities
Take the pledge to help protect the rights of immigrants and ensure fair treatment and due process for all.