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Immigration, Safety and Security
A free webinar hosted by The Immigrant Learning Center's (ILC) Public Education Institute offering facts and strategies to change the conversation on immigration, crime and national security.
Tell Congress: Oppose the RAISE Act
Add your name to a letter calling on Congress to stand with families and vote against the RAISE Act.
Tell Congress: Save TPS
On June 1, Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly declared his intention to end a program known as Temporary Protected Status (TPS) that protects people in the wake of an environmental or political crisis in their home country to seek shelter and live in the United States.
Tell Congress: Support Rights for Central American Migrants and Refugees
Tell our government to stand up for protection and human rights for immigrants and refugees from Central America.
Tell U.S. Mayors: Protect Undocumented Immigrants - Declare Your City a Sanctuary of Safety
It is time to declare America’s cities as sanctuaries of safety and not allow local police to do the work of immigration agents.
Naturalization Workshops
Information about volunteering at naturalization workshops.

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